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How to Attract Extremely Beautiful Women

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If you want to become irresistibly attractive to drop-dead gorgeous women, then this is one of the most important articles you'll ever read. Print it out and read it over and over again so that you learn from it!

First of all, I'll start with the common mistakes that men make.  Then I'll explain attraction and how it works with women, so you can use it to your advantage.

Common Mistake #1:

Being Too Much of a Nice Guy

People in general like what they can't have rather than what they can get easily. Have you ever noticed that women are more attracted to elusive, hard-to-get men rather than those who shower them with eagerness and availability? Have you ever wondered why beautiful women often seem to say that all they want is a nice guy, yet time and time again they go out with men who mistreat them?

Women aren't attracted to mistreatment. They aren't looking for bastards. But they aren't looking for typical nice guys either. What they really want is a good man. The difference between a nice guy and a good man is that a good man knows how to assert himself; is no pushover, yet still knows how to make a woman laugh and treat her with respect. A good man has higher self-esteem than a nice guy and is even harder-to-get than a typical male bastard. There are piles of bastards and nice guys out there, but good men are rare.

Common Mistake #2:

Trying to Convince Women to Like You

Perhaps the single most common mistake men make is trying too hard to convince women to like them. You are going to have to realize, acknowledge, and accept the fact that most women will not change their minds once they've made them up.

If a woman decides that she isn't interested in you, you will not succeed in changing her mind by reasoning with her and trying to talk her into liking you--ever. You can't convince a woman to like you, even if you really, REALLY like her. At best you will annoy and irritate her tremendously, losing all hope for even a cordial "hello" in the future.

This idea will NEVER work ... a very very BAD idea!

Common Mistake #3:

Looking to Her for Approval or Permission

Women don't want to date men they perceive as weak, and that is exactly what she'll think if you if you constantly ask for her opinion and permission before doing things. You don't need to kiss up to someone to impress them. Most women would prefer going out with an independent, take-charge kind of guy.

Common Mistake #4:

Trying to Buy Her Affection with Dinner and Gifts

You can take a woman out and spend a fortune on her, but there is no guarantee that you'll get a second date in return, or even a phone call. There is nothing wrong with offering gifts, but you shouldn't expect anything in return. Women want compassion and passion, not to be bought.  If she does want to be bought, chances are that she's using you. 

Common Mistake #5:

Sharing How You Feel Too Early In The Relationship

Never, EVER share too much personal information with a new partner too soon. Relax! Your first few dates, and even the first few months of dating, should be relatively painless, carefree, and not too involved. No one wants to hear on a first date about how your mother is dying and your brother is suicidal and how you've been laid off three times in the last year. Try to steer away from downers and stick with conversation that is light and uplifting, at least initially. Otherwise, you definitely run the risk of scaring your new partner away.

You also need to be yourself when on a date with a woman. No one likes to hang out with someone who is pretending to be someone he or she is not. If you go out and spend more money than you can afford on a suit and haircut for a first date, you've set too high a standard. What happens when, on the next date, you show up in tattered jeans? Don't ever lie when you are on a date, and don't pretend to be anything other than who you are. Women will instinctively be able to tell the difference between someone who is genuine and someone who is a pretender.  Even if they don't see through you right away, they'll be angry and leave you when they find out. Besides, you want a woman to fall for you because of who you are, not because of who you are pretending to be. After all, you wouldn't want to date a woman who pretends to be Julia Roberts only to find out several dates into your relationship that she is actually Brunhilda, would you?

Common Mistake #6:

Not Getting How Attraction Works for Women

Women are attracted to a challenge. If you really like someone, don't shower them with too much affection. Use moderation. Find a way to exhibit your self-esteem, make them laugh, and don't appear too eager.  You need to appear like a challenge, not a pushover.

One quick way to improve your self esteem is to always look your best. If you can't afford to buy new clothes, then at least do your best to keep in shape and well groomed. Remember that life is never fair. While you may not see it as a priority, other men are out there buying a new shirt every week, looking their best, and attracting gorgeous women.

LOOKS DO MATTER......but not necessarily the looks you were born with. From talking to various women, I've discovered that good grooming counts. Even if you're not born looking like Tom Cruise, you can keep your hair cut stylishly, wear snappy clothes, and smell of a good cologne.


Countless studies show that women are always attracted by good looks and money, but, if forced to choose between the two, choose money every time. I don't believe that it is because of greed. I believe that rich men take better care of themselves, wear nicer clothes, and are irresistibly charming due to confidence and highly developed people skills.  Women will look at such a man and think that if he can take good care of himself, he can take good care of her (as well as any future kids they might have). Hence, men with good dress sense and who take care with their appearance are more attractive than naturally good-looking men with poor grooming habits.


Also, remember to BE FUNNY. A great sense of humor will improve your self esteem and entertain those around you.  For example, did you know that one minute of laughter will relax you for up to 45 minutes? That is because both laughter and smiles release "happy" hormones into the bloodstream. Women listen longer, talk longer, and feel warmer and friendlier towards men who inspire this feeling. In my book "How to be Irresistibly Attractive to Women" I have written a chapter dealing specifically with how to be funny and how to further develop your own unique sense of humor.

Finally, HAVE A LIFE. To get the woman you've always liked, the most important secrets are to:

  • Always look your best.
  • Make her laugh.
  • Be a challenge (not a pushover).
  • Have personal goals and aspirations.  Make her feel like she's signed onto an exciting ride!

If you can adopt these attitudes, you are well on your way to becoming appealing and exciting to every new woman you meet.

Common Mistake #7:

Putting too Much Emphasis on Money and Looks

Many men give up before they even get started because they perceive themselves as too short, too fat, not smart enough, not rich enough, and so on.

Although I said before that money and looks are attracting factors, the quality that outweighs them both is personality. In fact, money and looks can often boost a person's high self esteem, which can give them a more confident, interesting personality that will attract women every time.


Yet neither money nor looks can guarantee a great personality.  How many women do you hear that are attracted to Bill Gates? Or Donald Trump?  Think about it ... most women prefer to meet a funny guy who can make them laugh and feel good about themselves rather than a moneybags who doesn't turn them on.


I'm telling you now: you don't need money or looks to develop a great personality! You can develop a personality that will attract women by being positive, confident, funny, and flirtacious.  The key is to make the woman feel a powerful, gut inner attraction for you that she cannot control. If you learn how to master this, then you will be one of those guys who does not settle for any woman because you don't think you can get the woman you want.

Common Mistake #8:

Giving Up All of Your Power to Women

Sadly, many guys try to get a girl to like them by doing whatever she wants. Remember that women are NOT attracted to guys they can walk all over!


Relationships are a give-and-take partnership. Don't become a doormat for a woman just because you want to date her.  On the other hand, don't think that you should be 100% in control, or you'll come across as overbearing and too dominant.  If she feels passionate about something that you don't care about, let her have her way.  However, if you feel passionate about something, remember that it's just as important to express your opinion and stand your ground if necessary.


For example, if you and your date always disagree about where you'll go for dinner or what you'll do that night, laugh about it and turn your differing tastes into a standing joke.  Difference is the spice of life.  Remember that you shouldn't have to think exactly alike!  But not expressing your opinion at all will make her think that you're a "blah" kind of guy.  She will respect you even more if you always have an idea to "put on the table."

Common Mistake #9:

Not Knowing EXACTLY What to Do in Any Situation

What I'm about to reveal is going to blow you away.  Women know 90% of the time EXACTLY what you are thinking!  It is not because they can read your mind.  What they CAN read is your body language.  Women's natural sense of body language is 500% more sensitive than men's--that is FIVE TIMES more!


This may be hard to believe.  But have you ever been out on a date when you wanted to kiss a girl, then before you know it, she leaned over and kissed YOU?  How did she get so confident all of a sudden? It's because she knew exactly what you were thinking!


Most of the time, a girl will know that you want to kiss her but won't act on it.  You'll just sit there, looking nervous and silly.  It will go down as the date that could have been ... and she'll know it.


This goes for every single aspect of attracting women--kissing her, getting her phone number, your first date, what to say--If you don't know exactly what to do in all situations, chances are that you'll end up losing the moment and blowing it!


You MUST know what to do in order to be irresistibly attractive to a woman, right from day one to the bedroom. It's that important!

Common Mistake #10:

Not Getting Help

Help isn't a dirty word.  The worst mistake you can make is to assume that you know everything you need to know about your ability to attract women.  You may think you know all the answers ... or you may think that nothing can help you attract the woman of your dreams.


But consider how important women are to your life, to how you feel about yourself, and to the future you imagine for yourself.  Don't you wish that someone could just tell you what the rules are for meeting them and attracting the one you want?  You get help looking for a job or studying for an exam, so why not for meeting and attracting women?

I've been there.  I know what it's like.  Most men like to do everything for themselves. After being frustrated by not knowing what to say on a first date, how to get a girl's phone number, or how to show the real cool dude that I am to that hot girl down the bar, I decided to do something about it. I read a stack of books on attracting women until my brain just about exploded.  I talked to everyone I could: my buddy with the fancy duds who never goes home without a girl, my buddy who met his wife without any hassles at all, and hundreds and hundreds of female friends and THEIR friends to get inside the female mind.

Then, being an experimental kind of guy, I used myself as a human guinea pig.  I tried over and over again, night after night, day after day, to work the rules of attraction down to a science.  It worked so well for me that I felt that I HAD to share what I learned with all those other guys out there who just weren't scoring the women they deserved.


I'm going to share with you everything you need to know about being successful with women.  Let me tell you: my days of being lonely are in the past.  I feel confident about approaching any girl that strikes my fancy, and I can usually get her number within minutes!  I've dated women who were so beautiful that my friends were jealous and wouldn't speak to me for days.  And you know what?  I never feel insecure or get that sick nervous feeling that I used to.

I can go out any time, and meet and attract gorgeous women!  You can, too!

Warm regards,
Matthew Whiting


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